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The hard truth is that it doesn’t get easier keeping fit when we get older. Our metabolism slows down and we lose muscle and gain fat. But we don’t have to fall prey to a slower metabolism! To regain your fitness you must have these three things. One, an exercise and nutrition plan. Two, belief in yourself. And three, accountability to execute the plan consistently with no excuses! I transformed my body in 16 weeks at the age of 56! At the beginning of the year I weighed 200 pounds. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I had suddenly gained a lot of fat the previous month. Disgusted with how I looked and felt I determined to be the change I wanted to see! I disciplined myself to workout 7 days a week for an hour alternating between a weight training and a cardio routine while making better food choices. The first 8 weeks I lost 8 pounds. The next 8 weeks I lost 9 pounds. In 16 weeks I lost a total of 17 pounds without losing strength and lean muscle. At 183 pounds my confidence soared and I gained a glimpse of my six-pack once again!


I hired Randy because I wanted to learn how to get more toned faster and not waste my time. Randy is down to earth, knowledgeable and has a no bull approach. He focuses on the biomechanics of proper joint alignment to reassure safety and increase muscle tension, and incorporates a lot of full body compound movements. Randy taught me to use lighter weight with good form to increase muscle stimulation longer. He makes the point saying that “you don’t have to lift heavy to build muscle.” And it’s true. Lighter weight with proper joint alignment and good form throughout makes you focus on every rep to “feel the burn.” Feeling the burn hurts no doubt, but the challenge is to stay in the burn zone until the set is complete. What I’ve learned is that, ironically, this burning sensation of “time under tension” is when the muscles get fatigued faster and literally tear down, which can lead to the opportunity of re-building the muscle after exercise. Wow! Thanks Randy! - Tiffany


Change how you eat, work your butt off, and transform your body and gain a glimpse of your six-pack and new shape and feel and look better! In the first picture I weighed 285 in March 2018. But the significance of my transformation began with a change in my life (second picture) when I weighed 250 pounds in February 2019. My crowning achievement (last picture) is June 2019 and weigh 214 pounds. That’s a weight loss of 35 pounds in 20 weeks without losing strength! You must have a vision, a plan, and the discipline to better yourself! But I have only BEGAN to learn what I’m capable of by knowing how much control my mind has over my body. But it first begins with the state of your psych, i.e., your attitude, and your mind follows suit. Transformations or changes in our lives are all about attitude. Attitude changes your environment to help you discipline yourself to succeed! If I can transform my big framed meso-endomorphic body type into a bodybuilding fitness physique, then I can just imagine so many other possibilities in my life! Have the right attitude, a vision, a plan, and the perseverance to succeed. - Nasri