Sing praises to sweat!

I remember an acquaintance in Chiba, Japan in the late 80s telling me that she doesn’t like to sweat. I felt sorry for her and I thought her comment was repulsive because people who know what sweat does for the body knows better: it signifies hard work as it cools and cleanses the body!

Sweat is a release of built-up toxic wastes or poisons from the body.  A kind of poison would be salt, that is, excess of it in the body.  Unneeded salt puts a lot of strain on the heart muscle and increases blood pressure. Salt is eliminated two ways: (1) when we urinate and (2) when we sweat. Have you ever noticed some white stuff on your workout clothes after a strenuous and sweaty workout on a hot day? That white stuff is salt that was secreted through the pores from sweat.


Sweat removes the dirt from within our bodies - the dirt that keeps the body from functioning properly and efficiently. I suppose the less we sweat means the dirtier we are.  So sweat!  I guess we’re the dirtiest in winter. In addition to releasing dirt and poisons in the body, sweat also functions as a cooling system when the body over heats. As a cooling system it helps to lower your body temperature. So whatever hard work you are doing, you can continue with less harm to the body.

A fit person sweats more than one who isn’t fit. The fitter you are the more you sweat and the cooler you remain. This is because a fit person’s body is more efficient owing to the fact that it is more conditioned. A fit body generates more heat (energy) and at the same time stays cooler. A fit body is a more efficient machine as it has been well taken care of and fed the right food stuffs for its performance. Physical health and physical efficiency is directly related to mental health and mental efficiency. The way I see it, why sit and sauna, when you can work your butt off and sweat in the gym and know you’re constructing a better YOU from your own handiwork and effort!

So, the next time you feel sweat running down your brow don’t touch it! Think about what is happening and what it means. It is a release of dirt and poisons and more heat is being generated because of an increase of efficiency from becoming more fit! Let the sweat run down your face and off your eye lids and let it drip and be proud!