Gaining weight with a "fast" metabolism

Young people frequently approach me and say they can’t gain weight because they have a “fast metabolism.” My reply is always, “Are you eating enough food?” When I find out they are not eating enough to gain weight (or even to lose weight) I tell them, “You must eat the right foods in the right amounts on a frequent basis. If you aren't willing to put forth the effort to eat at least five solid meals daily then you might as well forget it.”


I gained weight with a fast metabolism. This is my story of how I gained 40 pounds (from 115 to 155 pounds) in my first year and a half of training at home. When I began training, I trained every day, three times a day in the garage with a barbell and dumbbell set doing basic exercises and with no nutritional guidance. I continued to eat junk food and didn’t eat enough food. As a result of not eating enough and training too often, I only put on 10 pounds after 6 months of training.


Then I sent away for a mail order weight gain meal program. Following this program to the tee I gained 56 pounds in 8 months (from 125 to 181 pounds)! (I DO NOT recommend a weight gain of this magnitude in such a short time as it is very unhealthy.) I ate six frequent meals every day that were evenly spaced every 3 to 4 hours. I ate and ate and ate. Every day I would get up every morning at 6 am to have my first meal. If it was during the weekends I would get up, eat and then go back to bed and sleep. I ate meat, gorged on desserts, drank lots of milk, and consumed a lot of bread.

At 181 pounds I undertook a different training and diet regimen to lose the fat I gained and keep the muscle I gained. After two months I weighed 155 pounds. So, in my first year of serious training, weighing at 125 pounds, I gained 30 pounds of lean muscle – at home. I finally joined a local health club three months later. Had I joined a gym sooner, I would have gained much more. During this first year of training and dieting, not only did I gain and lose weight at my own discretion by following training and meal programs, but most importantly I gained self-confidence and I imagined myself in control of my own destiny!