Effort: With it you unlock your potential

Potential and Actual Energy

You sense energy deep inside you yearning to be free, energy that is potential waiting to be actual - an energy what your mind was denying your body - a power surging within you that you haven’t felt before. You feel your whole body burning with the power of a raging inferno!

High-level peak performers are not addicted to work, they are addicted to results. They are motivated by an intense drive towards success that manifests itself in a fierce single-pointed concentration. These peak efforts help us break through to higher functional levels, and as such, are powerful learning experiences. They put us closer in touch with what William James termed “hidden reserves.” The body can learn to exert this type of high-quality effort by calling upon these hidden reserves with the aid of the mind, which depends on the state of the soul.

Quality of Effort

The state of one’s body is controlled by the state of one’s soul. This is why the Greek philosopher Democritus rightly says, “It is fitting for people to take account of their soul rather than their body.” The state of one’s soul controls the state of one’s mind, which in turn controls the state of one’s body, which means the perfection of the soul perfects the body, not the other way around. Exerting effort with all one’s spirit, mind, and body distinguishes one from merely working from one who intensely desires results that allows the body’s adaptive mechanism, which is extremely versatile, to respond to many forms of exercise stimulation.

There are no shortcuts to getting fit, getting stronger, learning how to do an exercise better, or producing great things in your life. Acquiring wealth, learning skills, cultivating one or more of your intelligences takes time. Democritus wittingly said, “Learning achieves fine things through taking pains, but bad things one acquires without any pains.” Thus, fine things are not achieved without pain.

Values, Motivation, and Effort

Motivation is fueled by the desire to gain and maintain a value. The more value you attach to something the more motivation you have to acquire that particular value. It is the concept of life that gives meaning to the concept of value. When that value is threatened you will find a potential effort you hadn’t know you possessed.

The more value you perceive in owning a healthy strong body, the more likely you will attain that goal since motivation will not be a problem. Establishing that value requires you to focus on your own awareness of potentiality to make that potential actual not just latent potentiality. Not only does this demand awareness, but also clarity and intelligence to make the choice to commit to effort.

So take pride in your own power to achieve your values and goals. Achieve fine things through taking pains to unlock your effort to achieve the kind of healthy and strong body you want! In his essay on Self-Reliance Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, “Every true person is a cause to accomplish their design. Power is inborn. Instantly right yourself, stand in an erect position, command your limbs, work miracles.”